Other Japanese courses

Other Japanese courses

You will feel your skill level improved by achieving clear target.
Various curriculums to suit each student’s skill level
By giving small group lessons, each student can be handled with variety of their needs.
Your conversation skill will improve under pleasant learning environment.
We provide individual counselling to ensure their skill level improved according to their level.
Why not learning practical Japanese, it is more useful in your daily life.

The person who applied to

  • Who lives in Japan and has Valid VISA status
  • Who is planning to come to Japan with “Short stay VISA” or “Working VISA”
    (Please consult us for those who is interested in studying at the university, graduate school or technical school.

Course summary

General Japanese course

For those who wish to learn 「Reading-Listening-Speaking-Writing
in general.
From 75,000 yen(plus teaching material fee and applicable taxes), 4 hours a day, 4 weeks,

The course for JLPT measures

For those who is targeting to pass N1, N2, N3.
150,000 yen (plus teaching material fee and applicable taxes) for 150 hours of classes,
There would be two separate courses per year.

The course for daily conversation or business conversation

For those who wish to sharpen conversation skill
We could arrange teaching contents according to your level.
90〜120 min./class, 20 classes or more, open accordingly
For the private lesson:4,000 yen/60min.〜(plus teaching material fee and applicable taxes)
For the group lesson:2,000 yen/60min./person〜(plus teaching material fee and applicable taxes)

Application for enrollment

  • Click HERE to obtain the application form. Submit the form when you fill it out.
    We will inform you about the goods you need to prepare for.
    Click HERE if you have any questions.
  • We will give you brief tests to measure your skill level.
  • Please make a deposit the tuition fee to designated bank account.
  • We will inform you the schedule for enrollment of school.